eet Zak

ak was born in Holland in 1948. His family emigrated to Wainfleet in Southern Ontario in 1953. By age ten, he was helping his father, an 'olde worlde' carpenter make buildings, cabinets and furniture.

Zak's studies in graphic arts at the Niagara Institute of Technology further developed his artistic ability. His need to experiment with his materials eventually led to instrument making. He studied with Peter Mach, a luthier in Aylmer, Quebec.
Only select aged tone woods (10 - 60 years old) are used to make the violins, violas, cellos, basses, mandolins and archtop guitars. Each instrument is handcrafted from broadleaf maple and Sitka spruce. Zak uses his intuition and liberally borrows from the techniques used by Stradivari and Guarneri. The varnishes he uses are developed from his own formulas.
His instruments have sold widely in Canada and U.S.A. and as far away as Europe.
Zak lives and works on his instruments in an old homestead on the shores of Lake Cowichan, on Vancouver Island in Canada

  Visitors are always welcome.
Located on beautiful Lake Cowichan,
9116 Marble Bay Rd.
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Zak Stolk
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